Podoval UR30.
Velveting effect.
Cream with 30% Lipostabilized Pure Urea.

Podoval UR30

For caress-proof, soft and silky feet

Podoval UR30 Velvety is a cream with 30% Lipostabilized Pure Urea.

It is a kerato-reducing treatment for dry and scaly skin and cutaneous thickenings of feet. Used regularly it provides a neat, smooth and velvety look to your feet, making the skin moisturized and elastic. Its innovative formula also offers a soothing and refreshing effect. Not greasy, it gets quickly absorbed.

Apply 1 or 2 times a day on clean and dry feet.

Temporary pinching sensation can occur on sensitive skin.

For better and long lasting results, we recommend the use in combination with Podoval UR10 Hydrating cream.

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Moisturizing treatment for immediate and prolonged relief of dry, rough and chappy feet and heels.

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